25 Facts About Me

Saying as I'm only starting my blog I thought that it would be a nice idea to let everyone know a little bit more about me, so what a better way than starting a 25 facts about me!  Hope you find them interesting!

1. My middle name is Janine.
2. I'm left-handed.
3. I have 3 brothers.
4. I can't swim.
5. I'm allergic to skittles.

6. I never know what colour my hair is. Is it brown or is it blonde? In summer it gets lighter and in winter it gets darker. You decide!
7. I'm not a very outdoors person, I'm a hermit.
8. I'm 5'0.
9. I have size 2 feet.
10. I'm double-jointed.

11. I have Raynaud's phenomenon, which means I have cold hands and feet all the time.
12. I'm addicted to collecting nail polish.
13. My eyes are brown but go greenish when they have water in them.
14. When I was younger, I was obsessed with Winnie The Pooh. I even had a life-size Winnie The Pooh.
15. Coconut is my favourite smell and flavour.

16. I have a little bit on my head with no hair because when I was younger, my Mum curled my hair and burnt that piece of my hair off.
17. When I was about 14/15 I cut my hair short and dyed it a different colour nearly every month. We're talking about red, blue, pink, purple, black here people!
18. Penguins are my favourite animal. If I could have a penguin as a pet, I would.
19. I have anxiety and panic disorder, which sucks and I usually don't like talking about it.
20. I know how to drive but I don't have my license.

21. I have a gap in my teeth and I don't really like it. I rarely smile with my teeth in pictures.
22. I'm extremely OCD and a perfectionist, which I don't like to admit to sometimes.
23. I have a chocolate labrador and 9 chickens.
24. I live in the countryside and always have done.
25. I'm extremely pale, whiter than white, vampire shade. That's what I get for living in Northern Ireland!

Have you got any interesting facts about yourself? Let me know in the comments! :)

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